We rely on various government agencies to provide the necessary services to support our lives. From drinking water supply to wastewater services these agencies need a robust pump to keep operations running at all times. 

DYNAPRIME Pumps are widely employed in providing these essential services:  

  • Wastewater Diversions
  • Digester Cleaning
  • Leachate Removal from Landfills
  • Flood Control/Dewatering
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • Dewatering Excavations
  • Temporary Lift Station Diversions Hurricane Protection


The construction industry touches many aspects of our daily lives. Whether it is the construction of a school or a housing development a multi-purpose durable pump is needed. That is why we offer the most versatile pump ranges that are capable of handling the most difficult projects including:

  • Dewatering Excavations (Wellpoint, Sock and Rim Ditch processes)
  • Flood Control/Dewatering
  • Dust Control
  • Storm Water Run-off
  • Water Supply
  • Wastewater Diversions
  • Groundwater Filtration and treatment


Water is a vital component of everyday life. Industrial facilities require the use of, separation and treatment of water. They require pumps that can perform a wide variety of applications under the most difficult conditions such as:  

  • Sewer Diversions
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Pond Cleaning/Dredging
  • Emergency Movement
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Oil/Water Separation
  • Temporary Firewater Systems
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • Tank Cleaning/Maintenance Pipe Rehabilitation


DYNAPRIME Pumps provide essential nuisance water control that allows other expensive mining machinery to perform their job. DYNAPRIME Pumps are designed and manufactured to perform in this tough environment:

  • Nuisance Water/Intrusion Removal
  • Rainwater Removal
  • Dredging
  • Dust Control
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Evaporation


Excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities at school, at work, at home and during leisure time. That is why all of our most popular pumps up to 16 inch sizes are available with sound attenuating configuration known as QUIETZONE. These pumps are purpose designed to meet the strictest levels of sound attenuation, like our 4, 6 and 8 inch models which boast verifiable noise levels down to 63.1 dB(A) at only 23 feet for operation in residential and hospital zones, or any other noise restricted environments.


One of our standard pumps ranges not meeting your exacting conditions? Provide us with your details and we will develop a custom tailored solution.