Are vacuum assisted, multi-purpose, fully automatic, self-priming, diesel or electric driven pumps. They feature built in fuel cells for 24 hour or more operation. These pumps are available in QUIETZONE sound attenuated configurations for quietest operation down to 60 dB(A) sound pressure levels.


Rental companies, civil engineers and construction companies, quarry and mining companies, Petrochemical and industrial companies, municipalities, water and sewage organizations, armed forces, and fish farms just to name a few.


What is a QUIETZONE pump?

The Pumptronics USA QUIETZONE pumps have the lowest noise levels in the industry for pumps of this kind in the industry. Sound Pressure Levels down to 60dB(A) at a distance of 23 feet. They are used when restricted noise levels are required on a project. Ideal for use in neighborhoods, school zones, near hospitals or anywhere where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum

How do I select the right priming system?


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